List of countries by prison population

The world’s largest prison populations per capita
  1. The world’s five largest prison populations per capita
  2. Incarceration Rates By Country -

As of June , the state of California had , prisoners, of which approximately 15, were over the age of According to Human Rights Watch, the number of prisoners and-older in the U.

The world’s five largest prison populations per capita

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Getty Images. These are the countries with the most prisoners:.

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Indonesia Prisoners: , Prison population rate per , of national population : 64 Above, the compounds of the Abepura prison located in Jayapura in the eastern province of Papua. Turkey Prisoners: , Prison population rate per , of national population : Above, prisoners in Diyarbakir, Turkey.

Incarceration Rates By Country -

Thailand Prisoners: , Prison population rate per , of national population : Above, Myanmar national Zaw Lin arrives in a prison transport van on the Thai resort island of Koh Samui July 9, before a high-profile trial of two Myanmar migrants charged with killing two British holidaymakers. Of those prisoners, about four percent are foreigners, but fewer than one percent are under While Russia remains a high incarceration country, it looks pretty good compared to others on this list.

However, as a small Central American country, Belize only incarcerates about 1, people, — hardly an epidemic. The challenging part about Belize is that more than one-third of those prisoners are awaiting trail and have yet to be convicted. Rwanda: after seeing civil war and genocide, Rwanda has the third largest prison population. Rwanda — per , The African nation of Rwanda has some 55, prisoners incarcerated, including very few foreigners and a surprisingly low number of pre-trial detainees. Beyond prison populations, Rwanda has seen its fair share of strife in the last few decades, from a bloody Civil War in the mids, to a genocide campaign that killed , after that, to its role in the Congo Wars.

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Cuba — per , Cuba shares a similar prison population number with Rwanda — about 56, people are incarcerated on the island nation. Unlike other countries on this list which have one or two dozen prisons in the entire federal system, Cuba has prisons.

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Perhaps they learned well from their neighbor to the north. Experts say the number of political prisoners in Cuba has doubled, although less data exists for Cuba than any other country on this list. United States — per , Just how big is the US prison population?

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