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Here is a good example of marketing diagrams that explain content marketing. You can create pictures to make a point or tell a short story. Illustrations are graphic content that you can set up and post on your blog. You can also combine illustrations and textual content so that image amplifies your text. Animated Gifs are multimedia content that shows a short action that repeats over and over again.

It is an excellent way to get a lot of likes and shares on social networks. The demonstration is pretty much self-explanatory. You can create multimedia content and show how your product works. Maybe you want to share your financial info with your customers. Maybe you want to show your growth and investments or plans.

It can also be textual or multimedia content; all depends on how you want to present your data. Microsoft is one of the most transparent large corporations. Here is how they do it. This type of content predates digital era. You can create posters if you want to point out an issue with as fewer words possible. The meme is a graphic content used for comedy and entertainment. Memes are photos or screenshots with a humorous message written on the top or the bottom side.

People like to see memes, and they are among the most shared content on the internet. Recommended reading: What is a Blog Meme?

Filmmaking blogs

If you are creative and want to make people laugh, then this is the perfect content for your blog. Take a pen or a mouse, start drawing and create interesting and funny stories. You can create all kinds of contests people can enter. To guarantee fairness, you can allow visitors to vote for their favorite. The magazine is a multimedia content that you can create and have a large audience that would become regular. There are a lifestyle, tech, construction, home development and many other topics you can exploit.

The quiz is a fun content to create, and it can attract a massive audience. There are a lot of plugins that you can use to create fun and interesting quizzes. If you are a music fan and want to share music videos you like with other people, then you can embed all kinds of music videos on your blog. Music can attract a lot of audiences and take your blog to the new level. Public service announcements can be textual or video content that can have an impact on the general public.

You can use PSA to address any burning issue or educate the public on various topics.

Best Dj Forums

PSA content creators prefer video content as they can convey their emotions to the public easier. The map is a multimedia content that you can post on your blog and share with your visitors.

You can point out interesting places or historical events that happened in a precise place or area. This type of content is an excellent way to get a lot of visitors on your page. People can discuss a broad number of topics and get some answers. If you are a fan of some pop star or a movie star, then this is a nice way to share your devotion with others.

You can post photos, stories, videos and other related stuff to your fans. This type of content usually attracts a younger audience. Let everybody know what media thinks about you and your business. People love free stuff. If you want to attract more audience to your blog, then this is an outstanding way to reach this goal. This content relates to specific features of a single product. Here are some interesting examples of nicely designed product pages. This type of multimedia content allows you to address your audience on a regular basis.

You can talk about any given topic and draw inspiration from your audience. Askgaryvee Show is a nice example for you. This type of content is a good way to fill in some blank spots on your blog. You can try and find all sorts of plugins that your visitors could use.

This content allows you to explain your audience how to do something. For example, you can create templates for various forms and sheets. You can also allow your visitors to download templates for a fee and make some money on the way.

You can offer various free tools for all kinds of purposes to your audience. You can also create different sections of your blog, each containing devices respective to that section. You can decide if you are only going to share the story of those tools or post links for download. This content allows you to promote and expand your business, with content integrated into Chrome or some other browser. If you have a product or service to offer to your visitors, then QR codes can be useful content.

GitHub - Igglybuff/awesome-piracy: A curated list of awesome warez and piracy links

People can scan QR code and order a product or sign up for a service. Just gather as much free stuff for your visitors to download. You can choose to share external links to those resources if you like. Also, you can create different sections so people could easily find what they need. Take a look at our section of Useful Blogging Resources created to help web newbies establish their online identity. You can create live chat on your blog and attract users this way.

Visitors could talk and have fun, share information and experiences. You can watch the chat and see if there are any troublemakers. You can use this to gather all those people on your blog. Share mobile apps or develop your own and post them on your blog for everyone to download. Countdowns are interesting and amusing content. You can place this content on your blog to show a countdown to New Year or a beginning of an important event.

There are blogs dedicated only to countdowns until specific events happen. If you want your blog to be seen by as many people as possible, then you need to place social buttons on your blog. People can share your posts with a click of a button. Calculators are useful content that can help your visitors figure many things. You can help them count how much money they will spend on a particular project or trip. This type of content allows your visitors to convert currency or different units meters, pounds, inch, ounce, etc. Open up your blog for visitors and allow them to post any content with your approval.

This kind of content is an excellent way to form a massive audience. You can administer everything that visitors post and delete unwanted content. Sometimes you can create a content working together with other bloggers. This way bloggers promote each other and help each other out. A type of marketing content that allows you to share your news and projects with your customers. Create a list of recipients and let them know every time you have something exceptional in store. An awesome way to expand your email list.

Landing pages usually offer something to the visitor in exchange for their email address. This one is pretty much self-explanatory. Promo-sites are pages that promote a unique product or a service. It can be your product, or someone can pay you to promote their product or a service. Some business owners like to share their earnings reports. Bloggers love to compete. Events that offer awards for best digital content are another interesting way to promote your page and get a new audience. Here is an example of such content.

If you are skilled at developing simple browser games that would attract people to your blog, this is something you could do. There are also online games that you could just host on your blog and reach an audience as well. If you are a fan of printed media, you can scan some printed magazines and post them for your audience.

Show thanks to your customers and supporters. Send them fun and useful gifts with your business logo. If you have a blog, you can place ads on some posts to advertise the related brand. It is a legitimate and easy way to make some extra money for yourself. Content is not limited to the written material but easily overlooked. It is often best to utilize numerous forms of content and give your audience more than one way to obtain the knowledge.

Great content knows what the audience wants and delivers it. This guide is an introduction to mastering the art of blogging. It provides easy to follow steps to start, maintain, and grow your blog.

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Pingback: Digital marketing trends for the hospitality industry in Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. First, you need to know that we divided digital content into three broad groups: Textual content Multimedia content Other Textual content is that type of content that requires no audio or video material.

Textual content 1. Blog posts 3. How-tos 5. Lists 7. Case studies 9. Interviews Book reviews Research Industry news Guest posts Success stories Comments Glossary Versus pages Predictions How to avoid failure Funny stories Literary works Best practice Scheduled events Cost sheet Newsletters Testimonials Product reviews Checklists White papers Company news Personal stories Personal bios FAQs Wikis Comparisons Inspirational messages Interesting facts Quotes Microblog posts Metaphors Product announcements Promoted posts Multimedia content Infographics Audio posts Photography Vlog Micro videos Webinars Online events Surveys Slideshare Data collecting Illustrations Demonstrations Posters Comics and cartoons Online magazine Music videos Maps Fan page Giveaways Daily shows.

Blog Commenting Sites

Podcasts Live videos Presentations Polls Online courses Roundups Data visualization Diagrams Gifs Transparency Memes Competitions Quizzes PSA Forums Media mentions Features pages. Other Northwestern University's first international…. Line Producer Baton Rouge , Louisiana. Line Producer manages the budget and day-to-day physical aspects of production for each project.

Line Producer hires key members of the crew and negotiates deals with vendors. During Pre-Production, Line Producers work closely with the creative director, director, production manager to prepare…. Motion Graphic Designer Temecula , California. As part of the Marketing Department, Pechanga Creative Studios is the production team at Pechanga Resort Casino that creates engaging video content for all facets of this diverse….

Assistant Editor Temecula , California. As part of the Marketing department, Pechanga Creative Studios is the media production team at Pechanga Resort Casino that creates engaging video content for all facets of this…. Photographer Temecula , California. As part of the Marketing Department, Pechanga Creative Studios is the production team at Pechanga Resort Casino that creates engaging content for all facets of this diverse resort…. We are always looking for a fresh design ideas and executions to augment the commercial and corporate video work we….

Get your job in front of more people — Feature it! The Director of Broadcast and Digital Media, a new position with the Big Sky Conference, will serve as the on-air talent for the Conference and be responsible for owning the production process from start to finish: conceptualizing, coordinating, writing, shooting, and editing videos for the….

We are looking for motivated, positive, people-oriented leaders to join our touring Road Warrior team! Show Technician Sun Valley , California. Production Assistant Celebration , Florida. The Production Assistant with the Show Production team provides strong administrative and production field support for a variety of live show and theatrical entertainment experiences, projects and special events on the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

Responsibilities: -Provide administrative…. Audio Technical Manager Irvine , California. Are you a production-minded individual with a strong audio technical background and a real passion for sound? Do you have an aptitude for project management? Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a highly organized Audio Technical Manager to drive infrastructure and audio technology initiatives. WUSF Public Media serves the university by providing the community with news, information and entertainment programming that….

News Producer Cleveland , Ohio. If you like to produce fast-paced, creative newscasts and enjoy working in a team environment, we want to hear from you. You must love where our business is headed and be aggressive at participating on all…. Sr Digital Designer Columbus , Ohio. Lead the creation of compelling digital content that engages our customers and delivers them to our digital properties. Digital creative execution. Creates designs for websites, email marketing, social marketing, and more. Creates and maintains brand and campaign style guides. Video Production Intern St.

Paul , Minnesota. This full-time summer internship will provide you with a tremendous understanding of all areas of minor-league baseball operations as you assist with the execution of the Saints 28th season. Candidates must be willing to work long hours for the entire summer between hours per week - this is….

The IPS team…. Assist teams in the production of stories for 60 in 6, the new weekly program produced by 60 Minutes exclusively for the Quibi mobile platform. The stories will be in the 60 Minutes style of storytelling, targeted to an audience consuming content on mobile devices. We are seeking someone extremely proficient in shooting, lighting and can bring compelling stories to life.

Candidates must have exceptional knowledge and experience with…. Technical Director Tampa , Florida. Additionally, this position will utilize Vinten camera…. We have a fun and dynamic group who will be filming all day on Saturday, November 9th in Maywood, CA. If you want to take part in filmmaking, join us! We can provide the transportation to-and-from and we'll feed you, but this is a non-paid offer. We are looking for three energetic and…. Showing 1 — 25 of jobs. Recent Crew Leads.